Client: Multinational company, industrial sector
Assignment: Outplacement of the Managing Director
Activities: Mid-term coaching during the outplacement process. Co-creative assembly (coach-coachee) of a “personal toolbox” for the coachee’s next career step.

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Personal Coaching of a university lecturer Dr. habil

Client: Dr. habil., scientific researcher at a German university institue
Assignment: Due to a stagnation in his career and the fact to have failed several times to get a professor’s chair at a German university, the coachee questioned his present and past professional planning on a mid and long term. Having worked in the USA as a scientific researcher for a large international company, he did not know which professional context and universe would suit him and/or his family. He asked for coaching to help him find these answers.Activities: Systemic coaching in the context of a career stagnation and personal and professional pathfinding phase.
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Succession planning

Client: Local SME (220 FTE)
Assignment: Succession planning with retirement of owner and transmission to daughter
Activities: Situation analysis; mid-term coaching of successor during the succession process. Redefinition of organizational structure, internal communication, human resources etc.
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Post-M&A – corporate culture

Client: Multinational company, rubber compounding
Situation: Merger of two production plants, acquisition of a company, continuouos growth.
Assignment: Creating a homogeneous corporate culture.
Activities: Analysis of existing and targeted workflows. Competency analysis and assessment of various company members (management level, N-1, N-2). Integrating various departments into the existing open, pro-active and flat corporate culture. Team (N-1) and individual coaching (management). Recruitment and selection of various positions (management, N-1).
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Business strategy

Client: Multinational niche company specialized in selecting, recruiting, assigning, outsourcing and training multilingual staff. Part of a large multinational group.
Situation: Strong growth on international level, M&A and/or start-up plans in various countries.
Assignment: Due to the growth of the company, a corporate DNA has to be defined as the basis for further expansion. The aim is to create a “company users manual” as a common denominator between all countries. This document will on one side emphasize the uniqueness of the company as such, allowing on the other hand to combine this international uniqueness with vital local aspects in order to elaborate every national strategy. Targets are the country managers and the board.
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Board Coaching

Client: Multinational insurance company, financial sector
Situation: Preparation of the Board Meeting and annual kick-off;  presentation of the strategy for each business department to the Board of Directors by the Management Team.
Assignment: Short coaching of the members of the management team via aligning their strategy presentations (“content and container”) to be held towards the Board of Directors. Feedback and individual short coaching based on their personality profile in face-to-face meeting with every member of the MT. Advice for personal as well as department positioning towards the Board to every individual manager.
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Commercial strategy

Client: Multinational company, business intelligence software
Situation: Need of definition and implementation of a structured commercial approach towards the market of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
Assignment: Analysis and diagnosis of the commercial history on the Luxembourg market. Presentation of the specificities of the Luxembourg market. Definition of target and approach. Advice for improvement, conclusions and advice to management.
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